A Mobile Marketing Experiment

Josh GordonLast week's "Making Sense of Mobile" week was one of the more popular series of posts we've had on The Lunch Pail. We hope you all enjoyed it.
To continue the fun, you can read some surprising and compelling takeaways about mobile and the best approach to mobile marketing from the previous week's series - but only on your mobile device! We have four options to choose from to access the key insights. To connect to this mobile only content, choose the option that works best for you (and vote in our poll!).

  1. Hello

    Receiving content on the mobile phone really depends upon a few parameters:

    1. The handset specifications.

    2. The mobile subscriber’s data plan.

    3. The knowledge / exposure of the mobile subscriber to download the procedure to access and download content on his / her mobile phone.

    While WAP / Mobile Internet is increasingly becoming popular as a medium of content download by mobile subscribers, the fact still remains that SMS is still and always will remain the most preferred choice to do so. the second more popular content deliver / access medium is VOICE / IVR.

    It is easier to text a KEYWORD to a SHORT CODE and receive content on the mobile phone than logging into a wap / mobile internet site and download it.

    Thanks and Regards

    Prabhjot Jolly

    Founder and Executive Director
    Mobiphonica, India

    • Thanks for the comment, Prabjot. You list key factors into how a consumer decides which plan is best for their them, and realities marketers must consider when designing a campaign. Well put.

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