Lists vs. Profiles

If you’ve ever had the chance to talk to a Knotice employee about Concentri, chances are the term “profile” has come up once or twice. Concentri is what we call a profile driven environment. This means that Concentri houses each individual who interacts with your direct digital marketing as an individual record, or profile. This profile contains all the data points associated with that individual.
One of the common questions I encounter as I am teaching new customers about Concentri is, “How do I send an email to profiles? Don’t I need an email list?” The answer to this question is yes, but not in the way you think.

Traditional email lists are groups of email addresses clustered together based on a single shared quality. The presence of multiple email lists is helpful, and can address many different objectives, but there is no integration of the information regarding the individual profiles on these independent lists.

Concentri, on the other hand, builds lists to define who exactly will receive a particular email. However, these lists are created via segments. Segments are a set of qualities a profile must possess in order to qualify as a member of that segment. Segments, unlike lists, however, are not static. I may possess the qualities needed to qualify for a segment on Monday, but not on Tuesday. Segments respond to real time interactions and changes within your profile universe to deliver the freshest, most accurate group of profiles for your marketing needs.

By simply changing our view of data from list based to profile based, we have enabled Concentri users to target their marketing based on the qualities of individuals in their profile universe, rather than be constrained by the collection of lists at their disposal. It’s a flexible, personal way of marketing that reflects how people like to be treated – as individuals, not lists.

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