New Research on Customer Retention and Mobile

Just as the new research by Aberdeen Group reveals an interesting dynamic between mobile marketing and increased revenue, there’s a similar dynamic between mobile and customer retention. The report “Metric-Driven Mobile Marketing: Increasing Marketing’s Revenue Contribution,” highlights the differences between organizations effectively using mobile as part of their overall multi-channel mix versus those who do not. The key differentiator for the “Best in Class” (those making best use of the mobile channel) is having data integrated within their mobile initiatives. For customer service purposes, you can then leverage this data to provide more relevant, valuable mobile interactions with customers.

One benefit of these “informed interactions” is a meaningful increase in customer satisfaction and retention. Aberdeen found that Best-in-Class companies improved (increased) customer satisfaction by 16.8% year-over-year, compared to 3.1% improvement for all other companies. They also found that 51% of the overall business in Best-in-Class companies is generated with repeat customers, compared to just 30% for all other companies.

If keeping customer – and keeping customers happy – matters to the growth of your business, keep reading.

Says Aberdeen, “In an environment where a universe of information is at the fingertips of consumers, generating effective marketing programs requires companies to be laser-focused on using only the relevant content that matters to consumers, or risk becoming quickly irrelevant.”

The report goes on to say that “Companies using customer data for targeting and segmentation of their marketing campaigns achieve a 667% greater improvements in click-through rates on a year-over-year basis, as compared to those that don’t.”

Holy cow! I don’t think anybody wants to see their marketing programs become “quickly irrelevant” – all because of a lack of ability to capture and use their data for effective targeting, do you?

While some marketers tip-toe into mobile, just using it as a basic touchpoint, the value of mobile exponetially unfolds when you make use of marketing technology that provides robust data mining and solutions. Such tools help you gain deeper insight as to what drives customer behavior, marketing more effectively within the mobile channel. The right platform like Concentri® can support the acquisition and use of data within mobile and across all direct digital channels.

It’s not as tricky as it seems when you have the right technology backing you up.

To review: “Marketing departments with a keen eye on sustaining consistency of brand image within their marketing activities across any channel enjoy performance improvements in several key measures, including: company revenue; customer satisfaction, and the number of unique and repeat visitors to their website.”

Again, I invite you to download the report to learn more (it’s free for a limited time): Metric-Driven Mobile Marketing: Increasing Marketing’s Revenue Contribution.

So, how are you using mobile to keep your customers happy?

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