Mobile Email Opens Data for Cyber Week 2012

Knotice has become known for our Mobile Email Opens reports. (You can access the archive here). So after having an inbox bursting at the seams with emails from retailers tempting me to buy the week of Thanksgiving and the few days after (what I refer to as “Cyber Week”), I was really curious about email opens trends for that busy week alone. If consumers are being barraged with campaigns from retailers, what do those open rates look like compared to a year ago for the same shopping week, and compared to the first half of this year? I was also curious about the types of devices used to consume all the juicy savings messaging within email content.
What we found was interesting.

Tipping Point Gets Closer: 45 percent of emails sent by retailers during the days before and after Thanksgiving were opened on a mobile device, up 50 percent from the same busy shopping week in 2011. The “mobile tipping point” of 50% draws near for retail marketers.

Tablet Use is Gaining: The number of emails opened on tablets during Cyber Week doubled over the past year.

Apple Devices Lead the Way: The iPhone and iPad remain the most popular devices for opening email, with the iPhone netting 23.93 percent of opens, and the iPad 15.81 percent. However, Android device data may be somewhat suppressed due to image default settings for email.

Click Activity on Tablets Outpaces Mobile Phones: During Cyber Week 2012, tablets saw 10.08 percent click-through rate, while the click-through rate on phones was 9.98 percent. While the gains are worth noting, mobile engagement still lags behind desktop – for now.

Data from our Cyber Week report is based on a sampling of approximately 2.8 million emails sent from November 20 to November 26, 2012 and during the same busy shopping week in 2011. Here’s a link to the report:

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