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  • TechPint: Bringing the Spotlight to the Northeast Ohio Tech Industry
    August 1, 2014 by
    On Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend TechPint, an event series in Northeast Ohio that brings together digital entrepreneurs and investors to share their stories of entrepreneurship. Brian Deagan, the Global Business Owner, DMP at IgnitionOne, was asked to present on his experiences on being an entrepreneur and offer up some words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs. Prior to [...]...
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  • Online Privacy News Roundup
    July 30, 2014 by
    These days, it seems as if nary a day goes by without some kind of online privacy development or news brief. (As evidenced by Monday’s post.) With so much floating around about online privacy, I thought I’d do a little roundup of some of the more interesting stories you may have overlooked. Let’s start with cat pictures. I know what [...]...
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  • New Do Not Track Information
    July 28, 2014 by
    When we last left the Do Not Track saga at the end of June, the DAA was urging the WC3 to pull the plug on the floundering do not track effort. While a decision has yet to be made on its future, some new tracking issues have been making the news recently. Over the years we’ve seen several different entities [...]...
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  • Introducing Digital Marketing Suite (DMS) Analytics 2.0
    July 25, 2014 by
    Yesterday IgnitionOne announced the latest analytics enhancement to its Digital Marketing Suite (DMS): Analytics 2.0. The new offering features a new proprietary “Focus Heat Map” to help marketers quickly discern areas of importance based on performance. The new system also increases the speed of reporting by over 50% and adds significant flexibility of analysis of digital marketing and advertising data [...]...
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  • 3 Tips for Making Data Actionable
    July 23, 2014 by
    Today’s marketing vernacular is loaded with data: “big data” “cross channel data” “actionable data” the list goes on. Sure, marketers know the benefits of having access to and collecting known and anonymous customer data, but the fact remains that a lot of them struggle with or just plain can’t use the data they’ve got. According to recent research, 34% of [...]...
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